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Florida Insurance News Headline: Officials concerned of losing control of health insurance industry

When the Affordable Care Act was passed in 2010, several states banded together to overthrow what they considered to be an unconFlorida Insurance News on Health care reformstitutional law. Earlier this year, the matter went before the Supreme Court, where the law was upheld. Florida was one of the state’s leading the charge in dismantling the Affordable Care Act and, despite the Supreme Court ruling, continues to oppose the law due to its controversial provisions. Florida, along with other stats, have expressed concern that they will lose control over their particular health insurance industries, but the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) says that this is not the case.

Federal law allows states to structure their health insurance plans

According to the federal law, the HHS will work to ensure that states will be able to offer comprehensive health insurance coverage to residents without having to make financial sacrifices. The agency will provide a series of guidelines for states concerning the minimum coverage options they can provide to consumers. These guidelines will allow states to structure the health insurance plans they will provide through their own exchange systems.

States able to establish minimum coverage options for citizens

The Affordable Care Act provides states with a chance to determine the minimum coverage benefits residents will receive through health insurance exchanges. This authority is available whether states oppose the federal health care law or support it. Each state has until October 1 to determine the minimum for their Essential Health Benefits. If Florida takes the opportunity to establish this minimum, a health insurance plan that is offered by Florida Blue will be used as a benchmark.

Coalitions petitions officials to listen to the public

A coalition of 15 medical and health advocacy organizations have banded together to petition Florida Governor Rick Scott and the state’s Insurance Commissioner to see out public opinion on the matter rather than play to the whims of political affiliations. The group is urging lawmakers to consider what Florida citizens might want in terms of health insurance coverage. The state’s Legislature is not scheduled to begin committee meetings again until December, with a new legislative session beginning in March of 2013. As such, the decision regarding health insurance coverage and the state’s compliance with the Affordable Care act lies with Governor Scott.

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