Florida children’s health insurance available to parents who lose their jobs

Florida children’s health insurance - family - health

The state is making coverage available to kids in families that have experienced layoffs.

Florida children’s health insurance is being made available to families in which parents have lost their jobs and, therefore, their employer-based coverage.

The state has created a program to assist families that have lost their jobs and the benefits that went with them.

The Florida children’s health insurance program is called Florida Kidcare. Its purpose is to make medical and dental coverage affordable for families with kids and that lost their benefits due to layoffs. The state is hopeful that families will take advantage of this opportunity to keep up their kids’ coverage throughout the outbreak until they can regain employment with benefits or otherwise obtain a plan.

So far, the Florida Kidcare program provides coverage for two million children across the state. Families with kids up to the age of 19 years are able to enroll for coverage on a sliding fee scale. The program is meant to fill the gap between the CHIP program and families that have coverage through employers.

The Florida children’s health insurance assistance is particularly needed with outbreak related layoffs.

“If they are up to 133 percent of the poverty level, they would qualify for the CHIP program which would only cost $15 a month for all their children in their house,” said Dr. Stephanie Haridopolis of the Florida KidCare Foundation. “Above 200 percent of poverty level would be our full pay program, which is extremely reasonable as well.”

As the COVID-19 novel coronavirus pandemic has a growing impact on businesses, leading to widespread layoffs, there is a rapidly rising need for additional coverage assistance for families.

State Governor Ron DeSantis signed a law which repealed the prior benefits cap of one million dollars. The purpose is to make it possible for kids to continue benefitting from the Florida children’s health insurance program even after that limit has been reached in their healthcare service payouts. The goal is to extend the Florida children’s health insurance - family - healthamount of time kids whose parents are unemployed will be able to remain covered by their health plans for their medical needs.

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