Florian Insurance seeks to educate Floridians on insurance via website and Virtual Insurance Office

Online InsuranceWith the severity of recent storms in the South, residents of Florida have been growing concerned about their insurance coverage. Now that hurricane season is in full swing – a season that the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration claims will be unusually active – many have unanswered questions about their coverage and whether or not they are protected in the worst case scenario. Local insurer Florian Insurance, Inc., is seeking to placate people’s worries by offering advice and insight on insurance operations.

According to the Independent Insurance Agents and Brokers of America, roughly 70% of the U.S. population inhabits coastal areas. Living on the coast comes with certain risks, especially in Florida, where hurricanes and tropical storms are the norm. Florian Insurance is attempting to educate Florida residents on what these risks mean for property insurance in the state. The company is also offering a number of helpful tips in this regard.

Being knowledgeable about your policy is fundamentally important in terms of insurance. Knowing the limits of coverage can protect from any shortfalls in protections, as this knowledge will help you pursue adequate protections in the areas that may be lacking, such as flood insurance. Understanding risk exposure for coastal properties will help understand the rates of certain policies.

Florian Insurance is offering more tips through their website. Consumers can also make use of the company’s Virtual Insurance Office to get more information on the coverage offered by the insurer.

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