FEMA tours North Dakota to promote flood insurance awareness

FEMA Flood insurance continues to be a major issue for consumers and insurers alike. The outlook for the National Flood Insurance Program is bleak as federal legislators continue, without success, to fix the debt-riddled program. In an effort to raise awareness of the issue, FEMA, along with officials from the federal government, has embarked on a tour through one of the states most at risk of flooding events: North Dakota. The tour began in North Dakota on January 23 and will come to an end on January 26.

During the first town hall meeting hosted by FEMA at the Ward County Courthouse this week, the agency teamed with local and federal government personnel to help residents learn about flood insurance. At the meeting, FEMA presented information regarding its flood outlook for local communities. Given the fact that recent storms have caused widespread flooding in North Dakota, understanding how the agency’s flood maps work and how they affect insurance prices is becoming a priority for consumers.

Local government officials will also be using the meetings as a way to highlight the importance of flood insurance coverage. With spring just around the corner, consumers are being encouraged to take another look at their flood insurance policies to ensure they are well protected from the inevitable storms that will be coming with the season. FEMA notes that the National Flood Insurance Program may have an uncertain future, but that there are several alternatives to the program that will allow consumers to keep their coverage intact.

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