FEMA to review flood insurance claims

FEMA flood insurance

FEMA will review rejected and underpaid policies that were produced by Hurricane Sandy

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) has agreed to review the flood insurance claims that have been the subject of controversy. These claims were produced in the wake of Hurricane Sandy, but many were rejected or policyholders did not receive fair payment due to various issues. Those who had their flood insurance claims rejected or mishandled have accused the insurers behind these policies of fraud, which has brought harsh criticism against the National Flood Insurance Program.

144,000 policies will be reviewed by FEMA, as well as 2,200 claims that are currently in litigation

More than 144,000 claims will be reviewed by FEMA. Another 2,200 claims that are currently in litigation may also be reviewed by FEMA. The agency is also setting up a process that will allow others to submit their claims for review, which may go a long way in determining whether or not fraud was committed by insurers or the companies that they associate with through the National Flood Insurance Program.

Homeowners may have missed out on millions of dollars in insurance payments

FEMA flood insuranceAccording to Brad Kieserman, the deputy associate administrator for insurance with FEMA, homeowners may have been “cheated out of millions” in claims payments. Kieserman suggests that he has seen evidence of this in the past three weeks and claims that he will not attempt to deny that this issue exists. It is difficult to say what will happen to those that have had their claims unjustly rejected, but serious changes may be made to the National Flood Insurance Program in the future as a result of FEMA’s review.

National Flood Insurance Program continues to struggled under its massive debt

The National Flood Insurance Program is typically the only place for homeowners to find the flood protection that they need. While the program provides such protection, its ability to honor policies has been called into question several times. The program is currently more than $20 billion in debt, which has compromised its ability to handle insurance claims, to some degree.

2 Thoughts to “FEMA to review flood insurance claims”

  1. Josephine Ford

    How are homeowners going to be notified their claim is going to be looked at again. The subject of not allowing enough money to cover repairs, is this going to be addressed. Items like coverage for base cabinets & no coverage for wall cabinets, leaving kitchen cabinets not matching. I am sure those that decided to do this would not be very pleased to look at their kitchen with mis-matched cabinets. Things like this makes paying monthly bills to have Flood Insurance makes you wonder why these stupid rules. The government should stay out of insurance and let the insurance company’s already in business with the experience to handle flood insurance. But no billions of money is used to set up this special department that doesn’t have the first idea of how to handle these claims. Where money is used for travel, etc., instead of getting repairs finished. I just want my house repaired and want to know who or where to get the information to do this.

  2. Josephine Ford

    The other problem is the people working at the Claims offices are terrible, nasty and should go somewhere to learn how to talk with someone. They act like the homeowners enemy instead of trying to be the ones to help the homeowner get their homes repaired.

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