FEMA issues warning for New York and other states affected by Tropical Storm Lee to beware of insurance fraud

Flood InsuranceMore than a month has passed since Tropical Storm Lee made landfall on the East Coast and FEMA is still fielding complaints regarding insurance. The September storm brought flooding in states along the Gulf Coast and continued North until it reached New York. To date, the damage caused by the storm is estimated to be more than $250 million. The storm caused damage to homes, much of which comes from flooding, putting the event on dodgy insurance territory.

Most homeowners do not have flood insurance, especially those living in areas that are not prone to such disaster. While floods are almost always synonymous with hurricanes and other major storms, few hurricane insurance plans provide protections from such damages. This often leaves homeowners to their own devices when it comes time to make repairs. This presents an alluring opportunity for less-than-reputable contractors to take advantage of a desperate situation.

FEMA has issued warnings for homeowners in New York and other states to be wary of fraud in this time of recovery. Officials warn that the prevalence of fraud is on the rise, possibly due to the frequency with which natural disasters have been occurring in Eastern states. It is becoming more common for persons to impersonate insurance investigators or government officials in an attempt to coerce some monetary gain. FEMA says that requesting identification is the best way to protect against potential fraud whilst awaiting visits from insurers.

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