Federal regulators warn that nanotechnology could present dangers to consumers

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FDA calls for proof of safety for nanotechnology

health insurance newsNanotechnology is gaining traction in the world of medicine. The technology has a myriad of uses from prosthetics to cancer treatment, but the federal Food and Drug Administration (FDA) believes that nanotechnology could present serious dangers to consumers. Health regulators have released a study concerning nanotechnology and have warned that products that use this technology cold have harmful effects on the human body. The health insurance industry is also wary of the technology because these possible effects could be somewhat costly.

Nanoparticles can absorb into skin and organs

The FDA has released a draft of guidelines that call for further studies of nanotechnology. Regulators believe that the potential problems of the technology lie in nanoparticles, which are used to construct various nanostructures. These particles are so small that they cannot be seen by a normal light microscope. They are also able to penetrate human skin and other tissue with little to no problem. The presence of these particles could cause serious health issues, though regulators are unsure as to what these issues may be.

Health insurance industry could respond to perceived risks

Health insurers share this concern, as the potential for health issues could have a significant impact on the price of health insurance coverage. The insurance industry has a long history of responding to perceived risk. Some insurers believe that the fact that nanotechnology could pose a risk to human health means that its application could have profound implications on the price of coverage. This could mean that health insurance could become vastly more expensive as insurers raise prices to account for the higher risk of loss they are facing.

FDA regulations a new development, could have major impact on health industry

In Europe, nanotechnology companies are required to prove that their products are safe before they can be sold. This is not the case in the U.S., as most companies can simply inform the FDA that their products are safe in order to receive approval for sales. The requirements coming from regulators are a relatively new development and one that could have implications for the future of nanotechnology products as a whole, many of which are used in the field of health.


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