Federal government allows state insurance authorities to choose their own insurance benefits packages

Health Care Reform NewsThe federal government has released the benefits framework attached to the Affordable Care Act that will help shape the benefits millions of people will receive with their health insurance policies in the coming years. The government began working on the framework after states issued complaints about the health care law not being clear on how it would affect benefits. States have been vying for control of the matter, and now the federal government has agreed to allow state insurance regulators to decide the specifics of the benefits given to consumers.

The Department of Health and Human Services claims that a basic benefits package could affect more than 90 million consumers. The agency had been weary of letting states control these benefits as they could have a profound impact on a massive number of people, but has since grown lenient on the matter. Now, states will be able to choose what kind of benefits package they will enact from a selection of pre-approved programs offered by the federal government.

Each benefits package includes coverage for inpatient and outpatient care, as well as rehabilitation for physical and mental disorders. The packages also include dental and vision care for young children. These inclusions are required by federal law, so they will be available to consumers no matter what package state regulators choose to adopt.

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