Farmers activates armada of insurance personnel to mitigate the damage of Southern Californian windstorms

Los Angeles WindstormMuch of Southern California has been berated by strong wind storms for the past two days. The storms have shaken branches from trees, causing damage to homes and vehicles throughout the region. Southern California is no stranger to strong winds, but these recent storms have still proven to be troublesome despite the best efforts of consumers and state officials to mitigate the damage. Farmers Insurance, one of the state’s largest property insurance groups, has activated thousands of claims personnel and insurance agents to help policyholders assess the damage to their properties.

Insurers expect that the overall cost of the disaster will be modest, but the damage done, thus far, has been widespread. Minor damages, such as broken windows or other superficial damage to properties, have been reported throughout the Southern portion of the state. These claims can accumulate quickly, especially as the winds show no sign of dying down. Farmers is urging those affected by the winds to contact their local insurance representatives as soon as possible to ensure that their claims are filed as quickly as possible.

Farmers has more than 50,000 insurance agents at its disposal, backed by another 24,000 administrative employees. The company is the third largest insurance group in the state and provides coverage for more than 10 million homes. Farmers does not expect insured losses to be excessively high, but has yet to release an official assessment of the damage.

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