Extreme sports travel insurance picks up where standard policies end

extreme sports travel insurance

extreme sports travel insurance

Some activities may not seem too extreme but will still need additional coverage.

Though many people might think that their holiday adventures don’t require extreme sports travel insurance, as it sounds like something needed only by people who are truly taking high risks, they are often surprised at what their typical policies don’t cover.

Everything from bungee jumping to camel rides will likely need more coverage.

Data from the Association of British Travel Agents (ABTA) has shown that twenty percent of travelers who had, at one time, been happy simply to remain on a beach at a resort, are now choosing to take part in more adventurous activities. These can include scuba diving, cycling, horseback riding, and others. Though these may not sound like they need the same extreme sports travel insurance as sky diving or rock climbing, for example, many insurers consider them to be in the same category simply because of the increased risk factors.

Make sure to talk to your agent about extreme sports travel insurance to be sure you’re covered.

The standard policy will not always offer coverage should an accident occur while travelers are taking part in these various forms of adventure sports. Additional cover is often required, so a travel or insurance agent should be consulted to find out whether or not adequate protection has been purchased. It can, after all, mean the difference between a small hiccup in a dream vacation, and complete financial disaster.

Regardless of what type of additional activities you plan to experience while you are away, it doesn’t hurt to read the fine print on your coverage to see whether or not an extreme sports travel insurance policy might serve you better than the standard form.

This is even the case if you feel that the sport or activity in which you are taking part is quite safe. After all, Skydiving is considered to be a highly safe sport, but there are certain risks involved when the occasional injury could occur, for example, landing badly and causing a turned ankle. The last thing that you’d want is to have to pay for costly hospital bills out of your own pocket. Extreme sports travel insurance costs far less than that.

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