Express App has been released in an iPad version by Loyal American Life Insurance Co.

Mobile Commerce The Loyal American Life Insurance Company, has announced that it has launched a new version of the Express App, which has been designed specifically for iPad devices.

The insurer is a member of the Great American Supplemental Benefits Group and has explained that the new version of the Express App for iPad will make it possible for agents to provide quick and easy rate quotes, and to submit their business digitally for a couple of new insurance products: Cash Advantage Critical Illness and Loyal American Affordable Health Benefits.

The Express App for the iPad device is dissimilar to software tools designed for laptops, desktops, or even other tablets. This one permits clients to use a stylus or a fingertip on the iPad screen to sign their name to an app.

According to Loyal American Life, the proprietary digital submission process application, Express App, will also give agents a faster and simply way to submit their new business and to provide customers with a quote by removing the expense and fuss of having to print out paper documents and then fax them in.

The divisional president of Great American Supplemental Benefits Group , Brad Wolfram, has stated that the insurer knows that agents don’t have a lot of extra time, and would prefer to spend the little time they have on tasks related to selling, instead of being wrapped up in mountains of paperwork.

The goal of Great American Supplemental Benefits Group is to provide quality products that give consumers peace of mind as those products simultaneously provide agents with solutions that make it easier for them to do business with the organization.

More and more insurance agents are implementing technology tools and incorporating mobile commerce  into their business. These trends are predicted to continue and are currently growing at a phenomenal speed.

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