Exotic Car Insurance – Everything That You Need to Know

exotic car insurance

Whether you are planning to purchase a new exotic car or get exotic rentals Atlanta, it is worth knowing that these vehicles are expensive and they need special insurance coverage that is designed for them. Although the insurance works pretty much the same as that of regular vehicles, it is tailor-made for these exotic and luxurious cars like Ferrari, Lamborghini, Rolls Royce, Mercedes Benz, and Bentley, among others.

The vehicles are luxurious and powerful, which means that they should be insured appropriately. The insurers recognize that their high price increases the risk of theft while high performance increases the risk of damage and costs related to the same.

That said, here are further insights that every person who is about to get exotic rentals in Atlanta or buy a luxurious vehicle should know about their insurance.

The Difference in Exotic Car Insurance

Do you know that most exotic cars appreciate in value over time? Unlike regular vehicles which start to depreciate the moment you buy them, many exotic vehicles become gems as they age. You are likely to pay more for an insurance plan of a Ferrari that was manufactured in 2000 as opposed to a 2015 vehicle of the same model.

The other difference is that reputable rental companies such as Milani Exotic Car Rental company might have paid for an insurance plan for their vehicles and you need to check to what extent, especially if you are renting the vehicle for some time. If it is partial, you need to take care of the rest before they can allow you to drive off. But when buying an exotic car, you just have to bear all the costs of insurance.

exotic car insurance for rolls royce

Getting Exotic Car Insurance

For the agreed value of the vehicle, you are required to forward clear recent photos of the vehicle’s engine, interior, and body. You will also need to give other details such as the make of the car, model, and the year of manufacture.

But to get the stated value of the vehicle, an appraisal will be needed. This is done by a licensed agency. This is the value which one can afford to pay for the car and it is less than the cost of the exotic vehicle. Lastly, you need to understand the terms and conditions. They vary from one insurance company to another. While some are bonded in the package, there are many optional extras.

Other Things to Know

Whether you are getting your vehicle from an exotic rentals company in Atlanta or any other in your region or buying one for that matter, premium insurance coverage is very necessary. It reduces the risk of losing all of your money should anything happen. In fact, rental companies will need you to get the remaining part of exotic car insurance before you close a deal with them.

With the above information, now you know how to go about getting exotic car insurance for your bought or rented car. It might be an overwhelming process, but it is worth it.


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