Esurance same sex partner insurance to benefit drivers in domestic partnerships

Esurance same sex partner insurance

Motorists in 25 states could save 10 percent on their monthly premiums.

Personal car insurer, Esurance, has just announced that it is now offering same sex partner insurance to drivers living in civil unions and domestic partnerships in 21 states across the nation, and that this number could rise to 25 in the near future.

This provides committed couples in these relationships the opportunity to save on their premiums.

It is not an offer that is being extended exclusively to drivers in these partnerships, but is actually broadening the program that is already in place for couples that are legally married, so that others in comparable relationships can also benefit. These drivers could see a reduction of 10 percent or even higher on their coverage premiums through this new same sex partner insurance offer.

The actual savings depends on accident histories, driving record, and the vehicle being covered.

Though savings on auto policies for same sex couples is not unheard of in many states, the difference that is being made by Esurance is that it is taking it a step beyond what other insurers have offered so far. The opportunity to save with same sex partner insurance is being offered by the insurer to drivers who live together in any of the states in which it does business, regardless of whether or not the laws within those states actually acknowledge the partnerships or allow marriages.

Similar savings on vehicle coverage has already been offered by this insurer in California, Washington, Oregon, and Illinois for some time now, so this is relatively familiar to drivers in those states. However, it will now also include motorists in Mississippi, Colorado, Texas, Maryland, Virginia, Arizona, Utah, South Carolina, Pennsylvania, Ohio, New Jersey, Nevada, Oklahoma, Alabama, Maryland, Indiana, Kentucky, Georgia, Connecticut, Tennessee, and Wisconsin.

According to the president and chief executive officer of Esurance, Gary Tolman, “Esurance is firmly committed to recognizing and supporting diversity for its customers.” In his explanation of the savings with same sex partner insurance for drivers, he added that “Offering additional savings to consumers regardless of where individual states stand on the issue of same-sex marriage is another measure of those commitments.”

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