Esurance begins selling auto insurance in Arkansas

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Esurance moves into Arkansas auto insurance market

Acclaimed auto insurance company Esurance has announced that it has begun offering auto insurance policies in Arkansas. Arkansas residents will now be able to find insurance policies that are suited for their driving needs through Esurance. The company, backed by Allstate, is expected to bring more competition to the state’s auto insurance market. This may drive down prices through giving consumers a wider range of options in terms of insurance coverage. State residents will have access to the full gamut of Esurance features.

Acquisition brings more resources to Esurance

Late last year, Allstate announced that it had acquired Esurance, making headlines throughout the world of insurance news. The auto insurer has undergone modest changes since the acquisition in order to align it with Allstate’s business model. Esurance has won approval from Arkansas insurance regulators to do business in the state and has begun offering policies in accordance with state regulations and guidelines.

Consumers now able to take advantage of a wide variety of services

Consumers will be able to make use of the Esurance Coverage Counselor service, which allows them to compare rates on policies offered by Esurance and its competitors. The service is designed to help consumers find the insurance coverage that is right for their specific needs. Some drivers will be eligible for the DriveSense discount, which provides a 5% discount on the first six months of an auto insurance policy. Those switching from another insurance company to Esurance may also qualify for a 5% discount on their coverage. The insurer also offers rewards for students that maintain good grades.

Esurance provides an array of insurance options for consumers

Since the acquisition last year, Allstate has been working to expand the reach of Esurance. The company’s entry into the Arkansas insurance market represents a victory in this endeavor and provides Allstate with momentum in bringing the insurer into other markets. Esurance is primarily an auto insurance provider, but is also capable of providing health, life, and even mobile device insurance policies.

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