Esurance announces new Facebook auto insurance discount of 10 percent

auto insurance facebook promotion

The insurer’s Like to Save offers are available to almost 13 million drivers in Texas.

Auto insurance company, Esurance, which is known for its direct sales to consumers, has announced the launch of a Facebook promotion for drivers in Texas, who can receive a discount of 10 percent on their coverage simply by clicking “like” on the insurer’s page.

This auto insurance promotion is the first of its kind and is meant only for that social network’s users.

According to Esurance, this effort is a natural extension of its existing promotions, features, and tools, as the company was created as an online insurer and is continually using this form of technology to provide its customers with better service. As the company is aware that there are a tremendous number of people in the state that are active users of this website, it is hoping to embrace that fact and use it to its advantage.

According to data from Socialbakers, a social media analytics firm, the state holds the second largest population of Facebook users in the United States. There are currently 12,762,340 individual accounts in that state. Moreover, the three largest cities in the state make up over four million users of the social network. They are: San Antonio, with 854,200 users, Dallas, with 1,319,920 users, and Houston, with 1,846,600 users.

Texans can visit the auto insurance company’s website to receive an online quote and chance to save.

All they need to do to take advantage of the Like to Save 10 percent discount, is to use the official website of the insurer to obtain a quote for auto insurance. During that process, they are given the opportunity to “like” Esurance on their Facebook accounts. When they do so, the quote that they receive is reduced by ten percent. This same discount is also applied to terms for future policies with the insurer and can be combined with a number of other savings opportunities that are offered by the company.

Though this auto insurance discount is applied through the Facebook social network, it should be pointed out that the company and its promotion are not actually endorsed, sponsored, or administered by that website.

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