Drivers see lower auto insurance minimums in Wisconsin

Wisconsin Auto InsuranceA debate has begun in Wisconsin regarding the value of a new law that will allow drivers to save money with  lower limits of  liability coverage for their auto insurance.

Drivers will now be able to ask themselves whether or not it will be worth their while to lower their premiums as the minimum auto insurance requirement has been decreased throughout the state. However, many people are hesitating to rush for that initial savings.

The reason for this lower minimum is that earlier in 2011, a bill was signed by Governor Scott Walker in order to decrease it, and it has only just gone into effect.

According to the Diel Insurance Group Owner, Brian Diel, “That now affords people the ability to reduce their liability limit to $25,000 per person, and $50,000 per accident.” This would mean that the requirements for coverage have been halved.

Some individuals, such as Eagle River’s Sylvester Gray are applauding this new regulation, saying that it is important to lower the minimum liability otherwise people simply will not be able to afford their auto insurance at all. Therefore, at least at a lower rate, there will be a larger number of people who will be able to actually obtain coverage.

That said, Rhinelander’s Dennis Lapczynski feels that it is more effective to have a higher level of coverage, as there will be far too many people driving who will be inadequately covered by their auto insurance.

Those opposed to this new change are saying that the result of this decrease in coverage will only be an increase in risk.

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