Donald Trump introduces plan to change health insurance in the US

donald trump health insurance

Trump unveils more information concerning his health care plan

As the presidential campaign steams ahead in the United States, presidential hopeful Donald Trump has released new information about his health care plan. Trump has been an outspoken critic of the Affordable Care Act, saying that if he becomes president he will ensure that the health care reform law is fully repealed. The law has made health insurance coverage more accessible to millions of people in the United States, but critics of the Affordable Care Act claim that it is both expensive for the U.S. and leading to higher insurance premiums that consumers are having trouble paying.

Trump’s plan aims to reduce health care costs and spending

At the core of Trump’s plan is to allow health insurance to be sold across state lines and allowing people to make tax-free contributions to Health Savings Accounts. These accounts are associated with high deductible insurance plans and are meant to make consumers more conscious of how money is being spent to reduce insurance costs overall. Analysts suggest that these two issues are more about reducing costs that consumers face rather than making insurance coverage more available to consumers.

Plan may not be a replacement for the Affordable Care Act

donald trump health insuranceAnalysts have suggested that many consumers could lose their coverage if the Affordable Care Act is repealed. While Trump believes that his health care plan would be an effective replacement for the Affordable Care Act, this is not the case, according to the Kaiser Family Foundation. The organization notes, however, that the plan could be effective in reducing taxes, lessening the regulatory barriers on the insurance industry, and reducing spending in the health care sector.

Trump’s plan may lead many people to lose their insurance coverage

Other presidential hopefuls also have plans to do away with the Affordable Care Act. This has caused concern among many consumers and advocacy groups who believe that the health care law has made it possible for millions of people to acquire health insurance coverage. Without the Affordable Care Act, these people would not have coverage due to the high cost of insurance plans. The Department of Health and Human Services has noted that the majority of consumers receiving coverage through the Affordable Care Act also receive subsidies to cover the cost of their insurance plans. These subsidies have been made available through the Affordable Care Act.


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