Dog walker insurance protects those caring for pet fitness

Dog walker insurance - Man walking dog

Small businesses designed to make sure Fido and Fluffy get walked every day need coverage, too.

Professional dog walker insurance, also called a pet care insurance (PCI) policy, is a growing industry and for good reason. Americans love their pets and there are millions of these furry family members across the country. However, they don’t always have the time or mobility to walk them as often as recommended.

Dog walkers have become a necessary part of pet ownership for millions of Americans.

That said, as is the case with many types of small business, coverage is vital. Dog walker insurance is an affordable product these animal care professionals can use to protect themselves. This type of niche insurance product is offered by several different insurers. That said, each company has its own version of the product, so it’s always a good idea to shop around before signing up.

Overall, this type of small businessprovides financial protection against certain issues specific to dog walking. Mainly, it is a type of liability insurance against accidents and other unrelated disasters.

Dog walker insurance is sold for larger pet care companies or for individuals with small businesses.

Dog walkers face certain risks while on the job. It may not seem like much risk to walk down the street with a dog on a leash. However, to anyone who does this professionally, it’s clear that there are several chances being taken with every job. These can include everything from accidentally damaging the pet owner’s property while picking up or dropping off the dog, or any harm of damage caused by the dog while on the walk itself. There is also the risk that an animal could escape.

PCI policies can be comprehensive and cover business personal property, general liability, and animal bailee. Moreover, some insurance companies will also allow additional dog walkers to be covered under the same plan for a reasonable fee. This is helpful to partners who walk dogs together.

Dog walker insurance - Man walking dogAffordable dog walker insurance coverage means that if the unexpected should happen, it won’t mean that the walker will face financial and professional ruin as a result.

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