Dog groomer insurance helps your pet salon avoid risks unique to your business

Dog groomer insurance - go getting bath

Whether you groom from home, have a dedicated salon or have a mobile unit, you need coverage.

Many business owners don’t realize that there are specific policies available to provide dog groomer insurance coverage. All too often, they purchase a general commercial policy which doesn’t offer the type of specific coverage unique to this kind of business.

The type of policy you’ll need depends on the nature of the services you provide your customers.

It’s important to recognize that there isn’t a standard dog groomer insurance policy, so it’s up to a business owner to look into the different options and choose the one best for their needs. An agent experienced in this type of business coverage can be quite helpful in finding the right policy.

When you own a pet grooming company, you need a specialized policy that will protect you against the professional liability risks associated with the grooming itself as well as potential expenses from accidental injury or loss of the animals while you’re caring for them. A comprehensive policy will often give the most peace of mind, particularly when it has been properly customized to your services. That way, you can know your protection is complete.

Look for the following types of dog groomer insurance depending on the services you offer.

Look for the following types of coverage as needed from your pet grooming policy:

• Coverage for overall incidental grooming of animals that includes: washing, drying, brushing, fur cutting and/or styling, fur dying or coloring, and/or nail clipping.
• Cleaning ear and eyes
• Expressing anal glands
• Brushing teeth (including scaling, polishing and other hygiene services)
• Merchandise retailing

If you use a vehicle either to pick up and drop off the pet or as a mobile dog grooming studio, that vehicle also requires coverage as a studio and as a commercial vehicle. Keep in mind that those are two separate types of coverage.

If applicable, add coverage extensions for pet groomer insurance services such as:

• Independent contractors you employ
• Pet boarding coverages
• Doggy daycare/pet sitting insurance
• Pet walking coverage

Dog groomer insurance - go getting bathThese should include a spectrum of liability protection, care of pet insurance, property insurance, professional liability coverage and a general liability policy for your business.

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