Direct Travel Insurance highlights the importance of disaster coverage to travelers

2011 Natural Disaster ClaimsAs a year of record-breaking natural disasters comes to a close, Direct Travel Insurance has released a statement highlighting the benefits of natural disaster coverage for travelers who will be going out of town during the holiday season.

Individuals travelling for business or personal reasons over the holiday season can protect themselves against the various kinds of disruption that can be caused to travels by hurricanes, floods, earthquakes, tornadoes, wildfires, volcanic eruptions, landslides, and any number of other unforeseen events that could otherwise turn a pleasant journey into a financial disaster.

No matter where travelers intend to go or what they intend to do, by purchasing a policy with natural disaster insurance, it means that the unexpected won’t have the ability to cause an individual to have poured a lot of money into a trip that never happens, or to be forced to accumulate a much larger expense than they were willing or prepared to handle during their travels.

This year showed that natural disasters can strike at any time, in any place. Travelers this year saw shocking destruction in Japan, Australia, the United States, and New Zealand. Those who did not have adequate insurance found themselves losing the money they put into flights, hotels, and other significant travel expenses.

Data from Lloyd’s of London has shown that the disasters this year brought about the most expensive six month period in the history of the company which spans 323 years in the insurance marketplace. Similarly, research performed by FM Global in 2010 showed that since the early 1980s, the number of catastrophes related to natural and man-made disasters has almost tripled.

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