Delaware Governor Carney signs storm damage fund executive order

Storm damage fund - Damaged house and car

Gov John Carney’s signature created the Delaware Resilience Fund Program.

Governor John Carney signed an executive order at the end of last week, which effectively created a storm damage fund to help residents to recover from the recent destructive weather.

The new program is meat to help residents to overcome the costs associated with recovery.

The governor’s storm damage fund is meant to help people in Delaware who are struggling to cover the cost of recovery after having faced damage from the severe storms that happened earlier in August. The Delaware Resilience Fund Program is the outcome of Governor Carney’s executive order last week.

The money available through the program will help homeowners pay for the cost of the repairs for which their own insurance coverage is not reimbursing them. Though most residents’ homes are covered by insurance, the coverage does not extend to all repairs and many face high deductibles which makes it more difficult for them to be able to afford the cost of the repairs that aren’t covered by their policies.

The executive order to create the storm damage fund was in response to tornado action in the state.

Two tornadoes touched down in the state earlier in August. They were the result of the activity of tropical storm Isaias as it passed along the coast. The tornadoes were highly destructive. One of them remained on the ground for almost 30 miles, leaving devastation in its wake.

Two days after that major tornado bashed its way for dozens of miles, more severe weather struck the state, bringing another tornado with it. In addition to the tornado damage that was caused, the severe weather on its own also caused substantial straight-line wind damage to parts of New Castle County.

According to Governor Carney, there had been a proposal for a storm damage fund similar to this one back in 2019. However, the plans for that one were tossed due to the revenue losses faced by the state due to the pandemic crisis. The executive order’s creation of the Delaware Resilience Fund Program re-allocates money from Storm damage fund - Damaged house and carother areas in order to cover the immediate requirements of residents whose homes were affected by the severe weather.

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