Could Percentage Deductibles Save a Badly Beaten Property Casualty Market?

homeowners insurance percentage deductible

This pivotal question probes whether the shift to percentage deductibles could revitalize a property casualty market suffering from severe strain. The answer hinges on multiple facets that influence the stability and attractiveness of the insurance market. Understanding Percentage Deductibles Percentage deductibles are calculated as a percentage of the insured value of the property, rather than a fixed dollar amount. For instance, if your home is insured for $300,000 and you have a 2% deductible, you would be responsible for $6,000 in the event of a claim. This approach is commonly…

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Kampgrounds of America partners with Co-operators RV insurance company

RV Insurance - RV park

The partnership involves a network of over 500 campgrounds in the US and Canada Co-operators, a financial services co-operative, and Kampgrounds of America (KOA), a network of over 500 campgrounds in the Untied States and Canada, have partnered in a new collaboration for RV insurance. Recreational vehicle coverage is increasingly lucrative since the pandemic The US campgrounds company and Canadian financial services and RV insurance co-operative feel that they are a natural fit for providing this new option to consumers in both countries. “Canadians represent a significant demographic of Kampgrounds…

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