Are Bathrooms Covered in Every Home Insurance Policy?

homeowners insurance policy coverages

Bathrooms serve functions that extend beyond the merely utilitarian. Given the manifold roles they play, it is no surprise that considerable investment often goes into their design and furnishing. But what provisions are in place should something go awry—be it due to burst pipes, water damage, or accidents? Keep reading to explore the relationship between home insurance policies and bathroom coverage outlined by O Connor Carroll Bathrooms. Understanding What Home Insurance Typically Covers Home insurance serves as a financial cushion against an array of risks that could inflict significant losses.…

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Navigating Business Debt Collection and Financial Management: A Comprehensive Guide

business owner debt and how to deal with it

Managing finances and collecting debts are two sides of the same coin in the business world. While both are crucial for maintaining a healthy bottom line, they often present challenges that can be difficult to navigate. This article aims to provide a holistic guide on how to manage finances effectively while also excelling in debt collection. The Interplay Between Debt Collection and Financial Management Understanding the relationship between debt collection and financial management is the first step in mastering both. Effective debt collection can improve cash flow, which in turn…

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Hawaii County Council asks state for Puna homeowners insurance crisis assistance

Homeowners Insurance - Lava from Kilauea Volcano

The market isn’t yet in a state of crisis, but it is at a high risk and is aiming to avoid arriving there. Homeowners insurance customers on the Big Island of Hawaii’s East Rift Zone are still making progress in their recovery following the unprecedented eruption of the Kilauea volcano five years ago in 2018 but are now facing new challenges in terms of sky-high coverage rates. Insurers have started leaving the home, condo and renters markets in the state. In July, the Hawaii Department of Commerce and Consumer Affairs…

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