Everything You Need to Know About MCS-90

The average person will probably not know what MCS-90 is, even if they already know a bit about insurance. That is because MCS-90 is a clause that only applies to individuals who are in the commercial trucking industry. The other category of person who knows what it is will probably be those who work within the commercial trucking insurance industry. MCS-90 is more critical than some people think, and it’s helpful to know about it, even if you’re not in the commercial trucking or insurance industries. That’s because if a…

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Texas auto insurance may get more expensive than pre-pandemic times

texas auto insurance rates

A new report suggests that prices will return to where they were and may rise even higher. As drivers head back out onto the roads, Texas auto insurance prices are expected to climb, likely not only reaching pre-pandemic rates but possibly also exceeding them, said a New Mexico State University professor. As the country opens back up again, people are starting to drive their cars to live their lives. According to New Mexico State University professor from the Finance Department, Tim Query, at the start of 2020, when lockdowns from…

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