What protection does directors and officers insurance provide smaller businesses?

Directors and Officers Insurance

D&O is a policy companies purchase to protect their board assets from a spectrum of lawsuit types. Directors and officers insurance is a type of liability coverage for businesses covering its directors and officers against lawsuits alleging that a breach of fiduciary duty has occurred. This coverage lets a company’s leaders function without fear of personally suffering a financial loss. At its most basic level, a directors and officers insurance policy provides liability coverage that is payable either directly to those company leaders or to the business itself. The policy’s…

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Mercury homeowners insurance rates to reduce in New Jersey and Georgia

Homeowners Insurance Rates - House with keys

NJ property owners will pay 5.2 percent less and those in Georgia will pay 5% less. Mercury Insurance recently announced that it would be dropping the homeowners insurance rates paid in New Jersey and Georgia. The insurer pointed out that the biggest reductions were for people combining with auto policies. The insurer announced that in New Jersey, homeowners insurance rates would be falling by an average of 5.2 percent and those in Georgia would drop by an average of 5 percent. That said, deeper reductions will be seen by those…

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