Embroker announces new chief insurance officer hire

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The insuretech has announced expansion to its C-suite with a new tech chief as well. Embroker, a digital business insurance platform known for simplifying the business coverage process, has announced the hiring of a new chief insurance officer and chief technology officer. This broadens its C-level management for the purpose of driving the platform forward. The new execs bring vital expertise and experience to the company as it shakes up the industry. The new chief insurance officer is taking on an insuretech providing all business insurance online. It covers startups…

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Lemonade insurance accused of discrimination from its AI comments

Lemonade insurance - person with camera

The popular insuretech faced backlash from social media users in response to a tweet. Last week, Lemonade insurance company tweeted that its AI technology could “pick up on non-verbal cues” in the analysis of videos its policyholders submit to explain their claim details. Social media users quickly spotted the tweet and asked whether the AI would spot certain minorities. The Twitter users asked Lemonade insurance whether that AI technology would flag people from minority backgrounds or individuals with conditions such as autism. Later that week in a Forbes report, the…

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