Why You Should Use a Business Credit Card

business credit card for business owners financial tips on how to get one #financialnews

Entrepreneurs as they start on their business, use their personal credit card for their business expenses. However, it is best to consider getting a business credit card to separate these two from one another. A good business credit card will help you garner many benefits when you use it once the business is thriving. Therefore, choose a business credit card that you use for just business purposes that is in your business name. Below are various reasons you should use a business credit card to help your business grow further. …

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Insured pandemic losses for P/C won’t be accurately tallied for years, says Fitch

Insured pandemic losses - Store Closed Sign - COVID-19 lockdown

Property/casualty insurance companies recorded only modest loss increases in Q4 2020. According to Fitch Ratings, insured pandemic losses in the property/casualty sector rose only slightly in last year’s fourth quarter. That said, the final tally has yet to be calculated and, according to the US credit rating agency, it will be several years before it can be. Litigation is holding up the tally for business interruption, general and professional liability, and others. P/C insurers have managed to widely keep up capital strength since the pandemic started, said Fitch. Equally, pandemic-related…

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