How Does Pre-Settlement Funding Work?

How Does Pre-Settlement Funding Work

Pre-settlement funding is when you receive a portion of the settlement that you expect to receive from a lawsuit before the negotiations or the lawsuit are over. A company will offer you money that can help you make ends meet while you are waiting to receive your settlement. In return, you will promise to pay the company a portion of the proceeds. Pre-settlement funding is not a loan. You are not borrowing money that you will have to repay after a set number of years. Pre-settlement funding is when you…

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Actors sue SAG-AFTRA health plan over coverage loss

SAG-AFTRA health plan - gavel

The changes made to the union policy has made it more difficult for performers to renew their coverage. A group of Screen Actors Guild members are suing the SAG-AFTRA health plan and its board of trustees. The complaint was filed in the Los Angeles Superior Court, alleging a breach of fiduciary duty, among other accusations. The plan recently announced that it would be more difficult for many actors to renew their coverage. The changes made to the SAG-AFTRA health plan were announced this summer. Trustees implemented the changes in the…

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