Breast Cancer Survivor Launches Financial Cures Program

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Atlanta, GA, November 04, 2019 –(– Dr. Wendy Labat is one of the featured speakers at the Atlanta Small Business Expo on November 14, 2019. Dr. Labat’s message on creating financial freedom began with her own breast cancer diagnosis. She proudly states, “I’m not a survivor, I’m a conqueror.” Because of the financial planning she had in place at the time of her diagnosis, not only were her medical bills covered, but she received an additional payout as well. Her health crisis didn’t also become a financial crisis. She is…

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Life coach insurance protects experts and the advice they give

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This coverage is vital to protect against malpractice lawsuits that could come from dissatisfied clients. When checking all the boxes for a well run business, life coach insurance can be easy to overlook, but is one of the most vital steps to remember. This coverage can mean the difference between a highly successful small business or a complete financial catastrophe. When you have a great relationship with your clients, it can be difficult to imagine they might sue you. A lawsuit can seem to come out of nowhere, and it…

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New Federal Long-Term Care Insurance Program Discussed by Association Director

Los Angeles, CA, November 04, 2019 –(– The largest employer-sponsored long-term care insurance program is being refreshed and will shortly be offered to millions of federal employees and their families according to the American Association for Long-Term Care Insurance (AALTCI). "The Federal Long-Term Care Insurance Program is the nation's largest group LTC plan, with some 270,000 plan participants," shares Jesse Slome, AALTCI's director. Slome was discussing news of the new plan offering with leading long-term care insurance professionals. "I am certain the new plan will be heavily promoted to millions…

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