Dairyland Insurance to plant 72,000 trees in Arbor Day Foundation partnership

Dairyland Insurance - planting tree

The auto and motorcycle insurer’s goal is to help with forest restoration across the country.

Dairyland Insurance has partnered with the Arbor Day Foundation in a forest restoration project that will plant 72,000 trees in the United States.

The insurer is hoping the initiative will encourage its customers to choose paperless billing.

We recently reported on the insurer’s California insurance news as a provider of motorcycle insurance in the state. Now, it is hoping to encourage its customers to choose paperless billing options by drawing attention to the issue of deforestation. To do this, its partnership with the Arbor Day Foundation will aim to regenerate forest across the entire country, particularly in regions where Dairyland Insurance has a strong customer presence.

The insurer is a Sentry Insurance brand based in Wisconsin. It has been working with the foundation to identify the areas where there is the greatest need for forest regeneration due to natural disasters and other threats leading to deforestation. Together, they will plant over 72,000 trees, one for every customer who signed up for paperless billing last year.

Dairyland Insurance has been encouraging paperless billing and promised to plant a tree for each person who did.

“Our customers have long had paperless billing options,” said Dairyland President Pete Anhalt. “After we told them we’d plant a tree on their behalf when they choose paperless billing, however, they enrolled in record numbers to support this important cause.”

Every year, each American consumes 446 pounds of paper. By taking actions such as enrollment in paperless billing, individuals can not only help to cut costs associated with their services but can also save trees and all the carbon emitted in the production and transportation of the paper, printing and mailing.

Simultaneously, the Arbor Day Foundation is taking the opportunity to spotlight that trees are critical climate change fighters. They help to clean the air, protect potable water, control stormwater and provide necessary wildlife habitat.

The original Dairyland Insurance intention was to plant trees in its home state of Wisconsin, including the Bayfield County Forest where the Arbor Day Foundation has Dairyland Insurance - planting treebeen working with local planting partners for forest regeneration. However, the massive response to the program made the insurer reconsider and choose to plant trees where needed across the country, particularly where those customers live.

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