Critical illness and accident insurance now available through HM Insurance Group

Supplemental Health InsuranceHighmark Insurance Group has just announced that individuals can now buy accident insurance and critical illness insurance from any of the eight retail facilities for Highmark Direct in Pennsylvania.

HM Insurance group is a Highmark company and offers a wide range of protections for accidental injuries and illnesses. Highmark Inc. is Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association independent licensee based in Pittsburgh.

According to the Highmark vice president of consumerism and retail marketing, Matt Fidler, accidental insurance and critical illness insurance are a good fit with the other standard health insurance plans that are already sold in the retail outlets.

He added that these additional policies offer customers an added level of protection should they ever experience a critical illness diagnosis, such as cancer, a heart attack, or an accidental injury such as a concussion or broken bone. He said that “These products cover the costs of medical expenses not covered under your health insurance and other everyday expenses such as copayments, deductibles or car payments”

The HM Direct retail stores provide consumers within the region with the chance to speak with a licensed associate in person so that they can talk about their various health insurance concerns and options, as well as the benefits that they receive as a member of Highmark. The stores sell health coverage to individuals, seniors, families, and small businesses.

The new products for accident and critical illness insurance are underwritten by the independent HM Life Insurance Company, which does not provide other products and services sold by Highmark Inc.

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