Connecticut health insurance exchange begins seeking out consumers

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Connecticut health InsuranceHealth insurance exchange in Connecticut is now looking for the uninsured

Connecticut is one among a hand full of states in the U.S. that has opted to build and operate its own health insurance exchange. The state leads the country is terms of actually insured peoples, but that is not stopping Connecticut from seeking out the uninsured wherever they may be. The state’s health insurance exchange, which was approved by legislators shortly after the passing of the Affordable Care Act, has already begun looking to enroll uninsured consumers, under the direction of one of the veterans of Massachusetts own health care reform.

Counihan may help exchange find success

In 2006, Massachusetts launched its own health care reform law, which formed the Commonwealth Health Insurance Connector Authority. The law established a state-run health insurance exchange that was designed to provide the uninsured with access to the coverage they needed. This law went on to serve as a benchmark for the Affordable Care Act, which was passed in 2010. Kevin Counihan served as chief marketing officer for the Massachusetts exchange from 2006 to 2011. Counihan is now CEO of the health insurance exchange in Connecticut.

Exchange aims to enroll 220,000 uninsured consumers

The Connecticut exchange, which is called Access Health CT, is scheduled to begin open enrollment in October. Despite this, the organization has already collected the names of more than 1,300 people that need health insurancenr68kpthnl6B8D87GB687E9D8AA coverage. These people have, therefore, been fast-tracked to receive coverage through the exchange when open enrollment begins. The exchange has a goal to enroll some 220,000 people by March 2014, which may not be possible if aggressive marketing measures are not in place. This is where Counihan comes in.

Exchange marketing to begin this fall

Counihan has ambitious plans for the health insurance exchange when it comes to marketing. Beginning this fall, the exchange will begin marketing its services to barbers and beauticians, as well as other workers, throughout the state. This initiative is meant to spread news of the exchange’s health insurance services by word of mouth, which has long been an effective marketing technique in various industries.

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