Commissioner Dave Jones reflects on achievements a year after taking office

Dave Jones, Insurance Commissioner for CaliforniaCalifornia Insurance Commissioner Dave Jones has been in office for a full year now and he has taken the occasion of this anniversary to reflect on the accomplishments he has been a part of from 2011. In a statement released by the state’s Department of Insurance, the Commissioner notes that his time in office has been filled with confrontation with the insurance industry. Indeed, many of the actions coming from the Commissioner have been met with opposition from insurers, especially the bid to give state regulators more authority over the health insurance industry.

When Jones was sworn into office, he made a pledge that his administration would be one of action. Thus far, this has been true. The Commissioner has been on the front lines of implementing the federal Affordable Care Act. Mere moments after Jones had taken office he introduced several new regulations that would have the health insurance industry adhere to the new law. One of these regulations concerned the medical loss ratio provision of the law, which requires insurers to spend the majority of the money they collect from premiums on improving medical care.

The Commissioner also established regulations that would make the industry more transparent, allowing consumers to find information on rate increase proposals and why they were needed.

Dave Jones is looking forward to a new year of action, hoping to further provide consumers with protections and information that they did not have in previous years.

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