Does a small business need commercial auto insurance on a personal car?

Commercial Auto Insurance - hands surrounding car

Small business can use personal vehicles for work, but personal policies may not cover it.

Commercial auto insurance also goes by a number of other names, such as business auto, commercial vehicle, commercial car, truck, or fleet insurance. The name depends on the type of vehicle being insured, but the concept is all the same.

This type of policy protects you company from financial responsibility in the case of a collision.

If an auto collision should happen, it’s the commercial auto insurance that protects the company from being financially responsible if the vehicle was being used on the business’ behalf and injury or property damage resulted. These policies also protect against losses in case the vehicle itself should be stolen, vandalized, or damaged by certain covered weather events or collisions.

Many people don’t realize that personal car insurance does not provide coverage for the vehicle under all circumstances. Those policies provide coverage only when the vehicle is being used for personal reasons. However, if it is being used for reasons associated with business, including anything from transporting products to carrying a passenger as a part of a rideshare service, the personal policy may not include the same coverages.

It’s important to choose the right commercial auto insurance, and the process can be more complex.

Commercial vehicles experience a larger amount of everyday risk than a vehicle used for personal reasons. Therefore, even if it is a personal car, the moment it starts being used for business purposes, it turns into a commercial vehicle in the eyes of an insurer. This requires a separate policy altogether.

It’s important to use a reliable service like Embroker when shopping for this type of policy, to ensure that you understand the ins and outs of the commercial auto Commercial Auto Insurance - hands surrounding carinsurance, which is more involved than a personal policy. This service helps to unwind the complex components and lay them out in a way that will allow you to make the best choices on behalf of your business. That way, you’ll get all the coverage you do require, but won’t pay for more coverage than what you need.

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