Comfort Insurance advises consumers to give their motorhome a check before the season begins

RV insuranceComfort Insurance has released a statement that is advising the owners of motorhomes to give their vehicles a thorough checkup before taking them out for the first time as the first signs of spring start to break through the winter gloom.

Peter Cue, the Comfort Insurance managing director, is recommending that a number of different checks be performed on the vehicles before they are considered to be road-ready. In the statement released by the company, Cue explained that the reason that it is important for motorhome owners to check over the vehicles very thoroughly is that “several problems can crop up when the vehicles are left stationary for long periods. In particular, owners should examine their vehicles’ tire pressures.”

The insurer is also warning the owners of motorhomes to check the vehicle’s oils since it is possible for condensation to build in the oil over a winter season. Ideally, it is recommended that a full oil change be performed. Moreover, other fluid levels, including the water levels, should also be checked, in addition to the verification of the overall condition of the vehicle as it is brought out of storage.

Comfort Insurance has also noted that it is wise to allow the vehicle to warm up so that the transmission fluid levels will be able to increase to a proper temperature before hitting the roads. The insurer explained that by taking a little bit of care and paying enough attention to the vehicle when taking it out of storage, the rest of the season has a better chance of being stress-free.

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