Colorado health insurance registrations up 29 percent over last year’s enrollment

denver colorado health insurance

State residents are steadily continuing to sign up for their coverage under the Affordable Care Act.

Colorado health insurance enrollment is performing considerably better than it was at this time in 2016. Despite a temporary slow down near the end of November, the Affordable Care Act in the state is still seeing far more registrations than had been the case last year.

Even with the slowing, the enrollment pace is still significantly faster than was seen in 2016.

According to Colorado health insurance data from November, almost 44,000 state residents had already enrolled through the exchange. Last year, November had seen just over 34,000 registrations.

The second half of November saw a steady enrollment growth rate as Colorado residents looked to their state insurance exchange to purchase their health plans. In fact, the second half saw even greater stability than the first half.

By November 15, there had been just shy of 23,000 registrations for Colorado health insurance plans.

denver colorado health insuranceBy the end of November, that figure had nearly doubled. Among them, according to the Connect for Health Colorado data, about 18 percent of the customers are new. The remaining 82 percent are customers that were renewing their plans or who were shopping for a new plan after having already purchased one through the insurance exchange last year.

The increased enrollment over last year is a trend being seen in many states that have already released their registration figures. The same can be said about the federal enrollment numbers through the insurance marketplace operated by the federal government, The national enrollment also experienced a bit of a slowing last week and even so, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services say that the enrollment levels were remaining well above what they were in 2016.

Kevin Patterson, Connect for Health Colorado CEO, said he was “pleased” with the most recent Colorado health insurance enrollment figures. There are still another two weeks left for Americans to enroll in the exchange in order to ensure that their coverage continues to be uninterrupted and will begin on January 1, 2018.

“know people are busy this time of year but I encourage everyone who buys their own health insurance to check to see if they qualify for financial assistance, review the available plans, and complete an enrollment before the last-minute rush. Many will be surprised that they qualify for financial help,” said Patterson.

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