Colorado continues to improve its health insurance exchange

Colorado Health Insurance

State is working to address the issues with the enrollment system of its health insurance exchange

Colorado has been working to fix its health insurance exchange, with efforts to do so going well, according to exchange officials. The exchange’s online enrollment system has struggled to serve consumers in the state for some time, making it difficult for people to sign up for the insurance coverage they are interested in. Fixes to the exchange could be delayed, however, as the exchange’s  technology chief, Proteus Duxbury, recently departed for another position.

Adele Work is the new chief technology officer for the state’s insurance exchange

The Colorado health insurance exchange is planning to test fixes to its enrollment system in the coming months. The system is meant to be operational before the next open enrollment period, which is expected to begin in November of this year. Adele Work has replaced Duxbury as chief technology officer for the exchange. Work has been involved in solving the enrollment issues for some time, and her role has been expanded in order to better address the exchange’s issues.

Crippling systems are making the exchange incapable of serving consumers effectively

Colorado Health InsuranceExchange officials have noted that there is an urgent need to resolve or upgrade 78 of the exchange’s most critical issues. Officials have noted that there are 118 systems that are currently crippling the health insurance exchange. These systems have made it difficult for consumers to enroll in the exchange and purchase coverage. They have also made it more complicated for insurance companies to provide services to consumers that are interested in purchasing coverage from the state’s exchange.

Many states have managed to overcome the technical problems of their exchanges

Health insurance exchanges throughout the country have had to struggle to overcome technical issues that have crippled enrollment. Before the last open enrollment period, states had worked to resolved many of these issues. Some of these states were successfully, which lead to a dramatic increase in enrollment rates. Others, such as Colorado, continue to try and find ways to apply fixes to faulty health insurance exchange systems.

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