Colorado auto insurance study shows drivers in the state aren’t good

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Motorists in the state are prone to a spectrum of bad habits that make the roads more dangerous.

Colorado auto insurance isn’t cheap and for years, people have said the drivers in the state are simply awful. That said, those types of complaints are commonplace in many states. However a recent study has shown that the claims about driving in Colorado may not be wrong.

The traffic jams, winter blizzards and potholes in the spring aren’t the only challenge to drivers in Colorado.

A new study by QuoteWizard has shown that Colorado is actually the eighth worst state in terms of driving. This helps to explain why Colorado auto insurance companies provide coverage at a premium cost. In the state, drivers are more likely to be involved in accidents, drive while drunk, speed and receive traffic citations, said the study.

Measuring the quality of a state’s drivers is a challenging undertaking. Previous studies, including a large one by Allstate, have looked primarily at insurance claims and fatalities from crashes. However, QuoteWizard’s approach looked at poor driving as something occurring beyond damage and deaths.

People who don’t follow driving rules and laws also impact Colorado auto insurance rates and road safety.

accident Colorado auto insuranceJust because someone hasn’t died, it doesn’t mean that the roads are safe. There are many other factors that play into a person’s ability to drive aside from the frequency of being in a crash.

Aside from being the 8th worst in terms of bad drivers, there are other areas where Colorado stood out in a negative way. For instance, the state was also ranked as the 10th worst for drivers who receive speeding tickets. Moreover it was the 11th worst among all the states for motorists who drive under the influence (receiving DUIs).

That said, the state’s traffic citations were the area in which it truly took the spotlight. “Common citations include failure to signal, running a red light and driving without a seat belt,” said QuoteWizard content manager Adam Johnson.

Colorado auto insurance companies have taken note of the high rate of traffic citations there. In fact, the drivers there receive more citations than any other state in the country.

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