Clothing alteration business insurance for repairs and tailoring companies

Clothing Alteration Business Insurance - Business Suit

These businesses have a very unique position in today’s society, often improving expensive garments.

Clothing alteration business insurance is an important and yet often overlooked component of operating this type of company.

Today’s consumer depends on tailors and alterations experts to ensure their garments fit perfectly.

Your customers have unique and specific tastes and expect your services to produce results that meet or exceed their expectations. They want you to repair damage to articles of clothing they love and want to wear again or that have sentimental value. They also want you to alter pieces so that they will fit their unique forms.

Clothing alteration business insurance helps you to know that if something goes wrong, your company is protected against financial disaster. This combination of policies is very affordable and extremely worthwhile. It can make the difference between your continued success or catastrophe after even a single large and unexpected problem.

Consider the different types of coverage you may include in your clothing alteration business insurance.

• General business liability – This type of business insurance provides your company with protection against a spectrum of potential problems.
• Premises liability – This coverage is often purchased in addition to general business liability. This covers you in case a customer injures him or herself while on your property and takes legal action against you. It also offers protection if a customer’s personal property is damaged while on your premises.
• Products liability – This coverage protects you against legal action taken against you relating to your services or any products you sell.
• Completed operations – If problems arise in the future after you have completed the alterations to your customer’s clothing, this coverage protects you against legal action against you for injury or damages suffered because of your services.

These types of clothing alteration business insurance are usually purchased in conjunction with a basic business owners policy. This type of policy covers both your tangible and intangible assets. Additional coverages may also be required, depending on the size and nature of your business. They could include anything from commercial auto insuranceClothing Alteration Business Insurance - Business Suit to workers compensation. Speak with an experienced insurance agent to be sure your business protection is complete.

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