“Click It or Ticket” leads to 12,000 North Carolina tickets in just two weeks

Seatbelt Ticket StatisticsThe transportation department secretary of North Carolina has reported that police within that state have issued over 12,223 tickets within the last two weeks as a result of the “Click It or Ticket” campaign.

The N.C. police have cited both drivers and passengers for violations of seat belt and child passenger safety laws since the campaign began at the end of May.

Gene Conti, the transportation secretary, stated that all of these tickets were issued throughout the span of the campaign which ran from May 23 through June 5.

Beyond the actual tickets issued for violations of “Click It or Ticket”, there were also over 2,042 charges laid against drivers who were driving while impaired. Furthermore, there were criminal violations issued to over 7,205 individuals for reasons including stolen vehicles (in 59 cases), drugs (in 1,478 cases), or captured fugitives (of which there were 849).

The tickets were being issued by the police officers from their increased patrols and from the locations of 6,752 checkpoints.

According to a statement released by Conti, “This campaign serves as a reminder to buckle up as the summer travel season begins.”

The “Click It or Ticket” program is administered by the Highway Safety Program of the North Carolina Governor. It involves the participation of law enforcement agencies across the state.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the usage rate of seatbelts within N.C. was 89.7 percent at the start of the campaign. This is a dramatic increase from 18 years ago when the program itself began and when the usage rate was only 65 percent.

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