Do you have Christmas present insurance in case the Grinch hits up your tree?

Grinch christmas present insurance

Insurance companies remind consumers that this is one of the biggest times of the year for home break-ins.

Leading insurers across the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia and other countries around the world are issuing reminders to look into Christmas present insurance.

Burglaries spike in November and December in countries where Christmas is celebrated by the majority.

In fact, some estimates suggest that there is a 43 percent spike in break-ins during November and December as thieves try to get their hands on expensive gifts. This helps to show the importance of knowing that you have the right Christmas present insurance to protect you against those criminals. This coverage is typically a part of homeowners or renters insurance. That said, if you’ve purchased especially big ticket items this year, it might be a good idea to let your insurer know about it, just in case. You can always remove the time from your inventory once it has been given.

Christmas present insurance is usually part of a home or contents policy, but be sure you have enough coverage.

Grinch christmas present insuranceAside from knowing that you have enough insurance coverage through your policy, it’s also recommended that you take some steps to help prevent disaster in the first place. After all, most thieves are opportunistic, so as long as you make the items hard to find, you will reduce the odds that they will be taken away.

At this time of year, storing presents and other valuables in a location out of sight can be enough to keep them from being snatched away by criminals. If it doesn’t need to be out in the open, tuck it away. Under-stair storage or even in a heated attic can work very well. Resist the urge to hide your valuables in a suitcase as many criminals try to find luggage in homes they rob in order to fill them with your valuables and make it easier to carry everything out. Storing your valuables inside will only streamline that process.

Aside from under the tree, the bedroom’s jewelry boxes, dresser drawers and closet, and the medicine cabinet or a liquor cabinet are typically the first areas a thief will look for something to grab. Keep valuables well away from those locations to make it less likely that they will be taken from you even if someone does break in. After all, the goal is not to have to make a Christmas present insurance claim all. As with other times of the year, a little prevention goes a long way.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from the entire Live Insurance News team! Wishing you health and happiness.

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