China works to boost availability of health insurance

Chinese Health Insurance Reform

Chinese government aims to make health insurance and medical care more affordable

China has been making significant changes to its insurance industry in recent years. The government has been laboring to make health insurance more inclusive for consumers throughout the country. Though it has seen modest success in this endeavor, the Chinese government continues to work on ways to improve the industry and make health insurance friendlier for consumers. According to Health Minister Chen Zhu, work is being done to ensure ill consumers do not lose everything they have in an effort to pay for coveChinese Health Insurance Reformrage.

Minister Zhu highlights financial difficulties facing ill consumers

Minister Zhu claims that he has experienced consumers that have had to sacrifice a great deal of their possessions in order to pay for early stages of treatment for their illnesses. The Minister notes that, in many cases, consumers run out of resources very quickly and are unable to afford the later stages of care they need. This turns curable illnesses into untreatable problems that end up claiming the lives of many people.

Government works to train new doctors and expand health insurance coverage

In an effort to combat this, China is looking to address the issue of the availability of medical care. The country is looking to boost the number of doctors that are working within in borders and revamp public hospitals to make them more accommodating to consumers of various types. A major part of the country’s plans to make health care more accessible is to ensure health insurance companies provide the coverage consumers need in an affordable manner. Currently, the Ministry of Health is working to make coverage for 20 major diseases, including lung cancer and child leukemia, mandatory for every insurance company in the country.

Rural communities not to be left out of government’s plans

The Chinese government is working to make health insurance coverage more accessible to those that do not live in densely populated areas. Medical care is often scarce is rural China. Those living in small villages are often unable to receive medical care due to the lack of properly trained professionals and their inability to obtain health insurance coverage. Though these consumers live outside large cities, the government is keen to ensure they have the access to care that other Chinese citizens enjoy.

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