China to expand its expansive health insurance plan

China Health insurance Care Industry

Expansion will provide coverage for those with critical illnesses

China has plans to expand its health insurance system in order to provide better coverage to those with critical illnesses that are living in rural and urban areas. By the end of the year, all those living in these areas will receive critical illness protection from the country’s health insurance system. At the end of last year, approximately 1.3 billion people were enrolled into the national system, which has provided these people will access to medical care.

New plan will help cover the medical expenses of those with critical illnesses

Under the country’s critical illness insurance plan, a patient’s medical bills for treatments associated with these illnesses will be covered when they surpass a certain level. Patients will receive reimbursement from the insurance plan to help mitigate these costs. The reimbursement ratio is expected to reach no less than 50% by the end of this year and will gradually increase over time. By 2017, China is expected to have a comprehensive critical illness insurance plan in place that will benefit many of the country’s citizens.

Country’s health insurance plan continues to experience healthy growth

China Health insurance Care IndustryIn 2014, the country’s emerging critical illness insurance program provided 1.15 million patients in China with the coverage they needed to cover the costs associated with their medical care. The country’s fund reserve for the program also reached $1.6 billion last year, making it financially capable of handling the needs of consumers in need of medical care. Regulation has helped foster a favorable business environment for insurers and health care providers, allowing many consumers to have peace of mind when seeking out health care services.

China aims to decrease the use of fertilizers and pesticides

China’s State Council is also taking steps to mitigate health risks that people face in the agriculture sector. The country’s growing economy has lead to healthy expansion of agriculture, but this has also lead to the rise in the use of pesticides and certain types of fertilizers. By 2020, the State Council believes that the use of these pesticides and fertilizers will no longer continue to grow, thus mitigating certain health risks.

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