Catholic Health to provide new health insurance plans

Health Insurance plans

Catholic Health announces new insurance options for businesses

New York’s Catholic Health, along with its affiliated health care professionals and Independent Health, has announced that it will begin offering new health insurance options next year. These options are being designed to low the premiums associated with certain types of coverage and narrow the organization’s health care network. Other insurance groups throughout the U.S. are adopting similar initiatives in ordCatholic Health-Insuranceer to adapt to the changes being made by the Affordable Care Act.

New plans part of response to business concerns

Catholic Health is reportedly responding to demand from the state’s small and mid-sized businesses concerning the cost of health insurance. These employers are claiming that the policies that are likely to be offered through a New York health insurance exchange would be too limited and too costly. As such, Catholic Health is designing new health insurance products to address the concerns that businesses have regarding the benefits they provide to employees and the costs associated with such benefits.

First Choice option provides tiered health insurance coverage

One of the products that Catholic Health is developing is called First Choice. This product will begin being sold in January, 2013. The plan is designed for businesses with more than 200 employees who self-insure. The plan will give these businesses access to all physicians participating in the Independent Health network and will be presented to businesses in a tiered manner. Meaning that these businesses will be able to choose different levels of coverage and the benefits they can receive through the First Choice plan.

New plans may help address issues associated with federal health care law

Catholic Health hopes that by providing businesses with a wider range of options the problems presented by the Affordable Care Act will be mitigated. The federal health care law does not become fully enacted until 2014, giving Catholic Health time to examine the performance of its new health insurance plans and determine whether they are addressing the issues that businesses have brought to the attention of the organization.

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