CSE becomes sixth insurance company to stop selling in California

Insurance company - Another company Says goodbye to home and auto insurance in California

Officials in the state have said that this particular phase-out has been planned for a long time. CSE Insurance Group has announced that it stopped writing home policies in California as of October 9, becoming the sixth insurance company in the state to make this move. The insurer simultaneously announced that it intended to cease auto policy renewals in California. This has added yet another insurance company to a growing list of insurers that have decided that they either want to stop doing business in the state or have chosen…

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More Americans are shopping for auto insurance than ever before, JD Power

Auto insurance - Shopping for insurance on computer

An increase in car ownership and rising premiums are among the reasons people are shopping around. The number of households in the US with cars but that don’t have auto insurance increased during the first half of this year, and the percentage of drivers who say they’re shopping for coverage has hit record levels. JD Power released data based on their findings in a recent report based on American households. JD Power recently published an auto insurance intelligence report in which they revealed the trends they identified in this market.…

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State Farm auto insurance reveals states where you’re most likely to hit an animal

auto insurance - Deer by the side of the road

The insurer has released data based on the claims it has received from drivers in every state. According to State Farm auto insurance claims, November is the month in which a driver is most likely to be in a collision with an animal, and there are some states in which that risk is notably higher than others. The insurer has compiled a list of the states where drivers hit the most animals while on the road. According to State Farm’s auto insurance claims and industry data, there will be an…

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Road safety is getting worse in terms of fatal hit and runs and crashes

Road safety - car crash ambulance

The results of a new ValuePenguin study show that from 2012 to 2021, trends have worsened. Over the last decade, road safety has declined in areas where people’s lives are at stake, and that doesn’t just involve the drivers and passengers of the vehicles involved in crashes. Both fatal crashes and fatal hit-and-runs have been on the rise from 2012 through 2021 according to the results of a new ValuePenguin study. In fact, deadly hit-and-runs have risen far faster than the pace of deadly crashes in general. The study found…

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Distracted driving is the highest in these US states

Distracted driving - Person using phone while driving

Some states are making concerted efforts to make sure motorists are focusing on the road. Distracted driving is a major cause of crashes, destruction of property and even serious injury and death on American roads, and some states are making larger efforts than others to spot these drivers on their roads. Much of the time that drivers aren’t focused on the road, they are doing something with their phones. Across the United States, motorists are being told to put their phones down, because their distracted driving habits are causing damage…

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