Could a car hammer help you save a child’s life?

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Two Texas children were freed from a hot vehicle when a passerby used the tool to smash the window.

Keeping an auto emergency tool that includes a car hammer, within easy reach in your vehicle, could not only make a tremendous difference to saving your life in the case of a crash, but may also come in handy for saving the lives of others.

Two small children were left in the back seat of a Jeep parked in Katy, Texas, when they were spotted by a passerby.

The kids were left in a shopping center parking lot at a time of the year in which it was more than 90 degrees, outside. A witness to the event, Gabriel Del Valle, explained that he and several other people had heard the children crying. This story proved that you never know when a glass hammer might be necessary as the witnesses decided to use a tool to smash the car window in order to be able to extract the crying children from the hot car. Del Valle explained “I mean you would understand,” adding that “It’s real hot.” It took a few minutes, but the children were freed from the car and “appeared unharmed.”

Several witnesses stepped forward after the glass hammer was used to help to open up the vehicle and save the kids.

auto insurance children carThe witnesses explained that the mother of the children had gone to the Postal+ with her children and, after shopping there, had placed her kids into the jeep. Unfortunately, she then shut the door and accidentally and locked her kids in with the keys. In fact, the Postal+ store’s security surveillance recorded footage of the moment and it did appear that the woman looked distressed and had asked other people for help.

This was important footage because locking a child in a car in Texas is considered to be a Class C misdemeanor. In the summer months, temperatures climb to the point that it takes only minutes for the heat in the interior of a car to rise to dangerous levels. The news in the hottest months always finds itself reporting on instances of children being left in cars where the situation becomes deadly.

Of course, that situation is hardly unique to Texas. For this reason and many others, for that matter, keeping an emergency car tool that offers features such as a car hammer for glass, a seatbelt cutter and even a flashlight, could make the difference between life and death for you or someone else.

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