Put a Dent in the Efforts of Car Hail Damage Fraudsters

car hail damage and what to look for

Whenever hailstorm clouds gather, responsible car owners take note of how they can best protect their cars. Your car may not come out unscathed if it is outside when the storm hits. In addition to worrying about your car, you actually need to be aware of scammers who will take advantage of a widespread storm by perpetrating fraud. However, you can deal with this stressful situation by raising your antennae when an unknown fixer knocks on your door. Here are some tips for spotting storm-damage scammers and what to do instead.

Damage Assessment

Scammers may have spotted your damage to your car while it being parked in front of your house, an observation they will use to get their feet in the door. They will offer to inspect the car hail damage and provide a repair evaluation. While they are at it, they will spot additional areas in need of repair and present an overstuffed estimate along with a fake repair shop reference. For your own security, initiate your own inspection through a legitimate shop specializing in hail storm vehicle repair Denver CO.

High-Pressure Push

These storm experts use high-pressure tactics sure to confuse you, especially if you are elderly or emotionally vulnerable. You likely have home storm damage and other responsibilities to deal with while also needing your car for work; their push to get the job done quickly can seem tempting. Ask for a phone number, company website link and business card. If your visitor can not supply these, close the door and consider your options.

Upfront Payment

A sure sign of trouble is the potential contract you are presented with the estimate. You will likely notice that the contract is sparse and includes no details about the actual damage to your car, but that it does ask for personal information that may be used to steal your identity. At the same time, estimators will ask for a steep down payment, money that will just end up in their pockets. Take a deep breath now, explain that you will think about it, and close the door.

Insurance Avoidance

During the discussion, the contractor will steer you away from your insurance company. No matter what else you do, you need to contact your agent to check on your hail-damage coverage. If your car is not covered, you can still now take the time to elicit estimates from two or three repair shops.

While you can repair the hit to your car, you may be challenged to repair the hit to your credit and your wallet when scammers come knocking. By reaching out to repair shops and your insurance company, you will get back in the driver’s seat and take control of the situation.

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