Candy store insurance often involves coverage beyond general business policies

Candy Store Insurance - M&Ms Star Wars Candy

These small business owners need protection for issues relating to their many types of confections.

If you’re a confections business owner, then you may be surprised to discover that there are specific candy store insurance policies that you can tailor to your unique needs.

Your business provides a range of different types of foods which come with a variety of risks.

A candy store insurance policy takes into consideration the specific risks that can concern your business. After all, at any given time, you likely have hard candies, chocolate, popcorn, fudge, nuts, taffy, and possibly even baked or handmade specialty treats. As a result, your business is automatically at risk of liability for illness caused by spoiled food, in addition to other risks such as theft, vandalism and other kinds of crime.

General business liability insurance will cover the vast majority of the kinds of risk and peril you might face. However, when you can customize that specifically to a confectionary, you will know that you are more meticulously protected against the types of issue your business might face but that a different small company may not.

There are a number of different kinds of candy store insurance policies for you to consider.

If you’re confused about the type of business policy you require, it’s always helpful to speak with an insurance agent experienced in this area. He or she will likely advise you to purchase several forms of business insurance policy for you to consider to create your complete coverage. They may include the following:

General Liability Insurance – This provides your candy store with the type of protection you’d expect for a typical small business’s operations and liabilities. It includes liability, product liability, and completed operations.
Product Liability Insurance – As aforementioned, this is usually included in the general liability coverage. However, candy stores will sometimes also add another layer of coverage here to protect them against what could involve sizeable lawsuits if a customer should become ill from a spoiled product, an allergic reaction in the product to an ingredient that was not properly labeled (such as peanuts), or other similar potentially expensive issues.
Equipment Breakdown Insurance – This is particularly pertinent if you craft your own confections as you need equipment such as mixers, taffy pullers, refrigerators or ovens to create your treats. Should they break down, this policy offers coverage for repairs or replacements.

Candy Store Insurance - M&Ms Star Wars CandyOther types of candy store insurance include:
• Commercial Auto Insurance
• Business Property Insurance
• Cyber Liability Insurance
• Crime Insurance
• Workers’ Compensation

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