is promoting skin cancer awareness

Skin Cancer Awareness

This website is hoping to make a difference by sharing vital information about detection and coverage. has just announced its latest effort in the battle against cancer, which is its current skin cancer awareness campaign, which is meant to help the site’s visitors to learn more about the signs of the disease, and to know whether or not they can benefit from supplemental cancer insurance.

When it comes to illness, the best type of coverage is the form that never has to be used.

That said, approximately 60,000 people are diagnosed with skin cancer every year.  Among them, approximately 8,000 are fatal.  However, early detection can make a difference.  This is why is hoping to spread the word about what people need to know about the signs of the disease, so that they can receive treatment as early as possible.

The site also shares the benefits of cancer insurance, so that coverage will be there should a diagnosis occur.

Receiving a skin cancer diagnosis is the second worst thing that could happen.  The worst is to receive aSkin Cancer Awareness diagnosis and not have the coverage to pay for the necessary treatments.  Though supplementary health insurance isn’t for everyone, the website is hoping to help people to learn whether or not they stand to benefit with the type of protection that it can provide.

As though information about detection and cancer insurance coverage weren’t enough, team member, Amanda Giasson, is also helping to spread awareness about the disease through her own fundraiser campaign called “Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow”.  Starting on May 6, 2013, Ms. Giasson began collecting cancer charity donations, which will continue right through until June 7, at which point she will be cutting off her very long hair in order to donate it to the Beautiful Lengths program, where it will be used to manufacture a wig that will be given to a woman who is undergoing cancer treatments and who has lost her hair.

Skin cancer and other forms of the disease affect us all in some way and this website wants to make sure that it has done all it can to ensure that its readers check, protect, and cover themselves against the health and financial harm that it can bring. For more information about the campaign, please visit