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Insurance News cameleon software dealCameleon Software chosen to help MMA Group adapt to changing insurance market

Cameleon Software, a leading developer of configure price quote (CPQ) software, has signed a major deal with the MMA Group, the third largest insurance group in France. Per the deal, the MMA Group will be making use of the CPQ technology developed by Cameleon Software. The MMA Group has chosen Cameleon Software because of the robustness of the company’s CPQ solution. The insurer expects that the technology will help it become more “agile” in handling the needs of its customers.

MMA Group braces for possible impact of emerging trends

The MMA Group has more than 180 years of experience in the insurance industry. In that time, the company has grown to become a major force in the French market, offering services to a wide range of consumers and industries therein. The MMA Group boasts of more than 13,000 employees, 1,500 independent agents, and 2,000 management outlets. Like others in the global insurance industry, the MMA Group is beginning to see the changes occurring to governmental policy and the economic situations of the world impact business. In an attempt to offset the impact of these changing trends, the insurer has turned to Cameleon Software.

Solution will help MMA Group adapt and compete in new markets

The solution provided by Cameleon Software will be deployed throughout the sales channels and devices used by the MMA Group. The solution will integrate itself into the very core of the insurer’s business and will help the company better handle the needs of consumers. Through the new solution, the MMA Group will be able to make use of website and internal tools that will allow agents and other employees to conduct business in an efficient and effective manner.

Cameleon Software already receiving praise from MMA Group

MMA Group CIO Jean-Claude Saussaye notes that the solution from Cameleon Software will help the company adapt to the changes emerging in the insurance industry. The technology will help the company face these challenges and provide service to new sectors of business, which are becoming more prominent in the wake of financial crisis and other economic factors.

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